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As well as being passionate about plants, I also have a fascination with keeping and breeding tropical fish.

I have kept tropical fish for over 30 years, starting in the 80’s by bringing home a goldfish in a bag from Nottingham’s Goose Fair. My mother told me I’d never look after it, but to her surprise, a few years later that fish was alive and well. Not only that, but I had successfully bred my first brood of Oscars and had really got the bug for breeding fish.

Nowadays I’ve got a dozen tanks with lots of happy fish in them, with a regular excess of fry being produced. Most of my fish are suitable for smaller tanks but as ever, they will always love as large a tank as you can provide.


Tropical Aquarium Fish

Danio margaritatus – Celestial Pearl Danio / Galaxy Rasbora

My group of 20 or so Celestial Pearl Danios live in a 100 litre 90cm tank and do very well. It’s heavily planted and as you can see in the video, they get a lot of good food, so are constantly breeding. Males can harrass the females when the balance is not right, so make sure you have at least 2 females to every male. My fish are sold in these proportions where possible.

These are often sold as true nano-fish. Whilst it is true they are very small and only grow to just over an inch long, in my experience they do much better in groups in tanks at last 60cm in length. This allows the males to have a territory and reduces aggression and stress.

These fish are at their best in larger groups. They tend to shoal in larger numbers.

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Aphyosemion striatum – Red Striped Killifish

My group of Red Striped Killifish live happily in a 54 litre 60cm tank that is dimly lit with plenty of hiding places. Maintain the water on the cooler side of around 22°C and make sure you have a cover.

These are a fascinating fish that will lead you into the colourful world of Killifish. Given the right conditions your fish will breed and you will get some fry to build up your group. In my experience they are good parents and don’t eat their fry. Larger fry, however, may eat newborn fry but this tends to help manage a healthy population number.

When the numbers of fry get too high, I move them on to their own tanks to grow them on ready for sale one they are sexable.

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Live Food Starter Cultures

Banana Worms – Perfect for smaller fry that can’t eat microworms or brine shrimp nauplii.

Supplied in small ziplock bags, with a teaspoon of culture containing thousands of Banana Worms, ready to seed your own cultures. Ready to harvest in 3 days.

Micro Worms – Perfect for growing fry or small adult fish.

Supplied in small ziplock bags, with a teaspoon of culture containing thousands of Banana Worms, ready to seed your own cultures. Ready to harvest in 3 days.


Full instructions will be included – before you know it you will have plenty of live food for your fish. These worms are approximately 40% protein, providing a really strong base for growth and development.

These worms survive for hours in the aquarium so your fish will continue to feed on them long after you add them to their tank. Their wriggling nature is attractive to fry.

Tropical Aquarium Plants

I have a selection of plants that are available for sale from time to time.

Java Moss – Taxiphyllum barbieri

One of the most versatile aquarium plants out there. Great for seeding tiny fry tanks with infusoria, using as breeding sites, scaping , and creating cover for young fish and shrimplets.

Temple Plant – Hygrophila corymbosa Thailand

A sturdy structural stem plant that can be grown on from stem cuttings to make attractive patches. Bright green leaves with red tinges on new leaves in bright light.

Amazon Frogbit – Limnobium laevigatum

Fast growing surface plant when it is grown in good light and low surface agitation. Amazon Frogbit creates shade and structure, with the feathery roots providing hiding spaces for fry and shrimplets.

Duckweed –  Lemna minor

This is a great cover plant for fry tanks, especially those that don’t like bright lights.


UK Sales ONLY due to import laws and restrictions sorry.

Delivery / Shipping

UK Next Day Guaranteed on an arranged date is £20 for any fish orders. You must be in to receive your order.

I offer personal collection / drop off of your purchases in the winter or during night temperatures of less than 10° C when postage is not safe for the fish.

I’m based in the DE55 postcode and will deliver your items for a mutually agreed cost. Collection is free – just contact me to arrange a visit and give me a couple of days notice.